Phoenix Med Lab offers a comprehensive range of clinical laboratory testing solutions by leveraging modern technologies, under the expert supervision of highly qualified lab technicians. Our goal is to provide best-in-class laboratory testing solutions for disease prevention, early detection and developing efficient treatment plans.


Pharmacogenetics, also referred to as pharmacogenomics, is a highly advanced test that studies how genes affect the body's response to certain medications. The simple collection method looks at...

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Cancer Genomics

Genetic testing helps physicians determine a patient's chance of developing certain types of cancer in their lifetime. It does so by searching for specific changes or mutations in the patient's...

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High Complexity Molecular PCR

Our highly complex Molecular PCR Testing provides comprehensive, fast and accurate results. Upper respiratory testing can detect up to 22 targets including the most common respiratory viruses and...

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Our unique in house developed Polypharmacy test is one of a kind and can detect 121 different targets including illicit substances, prescription medications, over the counter medications and...

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We provide full-service toxicology testing with an extensive target list. Basic toxicology with the top 10 illicit drug targets and a comprehensive panel with up to 63 targets.

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Blood Testing

Our fully functioning laboratory can also provide conventional blood panels for all of your patient needs. Male/Female comprehensive panels as well as metabolic, lipid, nutritional and hormone...

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