Improve Medication Management Endeavors with Specialized Polypharmacy Screening Solutions

Medication management is a unique challenge for caregivers. Often physicians have to rely on patients or obsolete practices to find out if a patient is sticking to the treatment plan or which substance has done harm in the past. Polypharmacy screening helps caregivers understand what is present in a patient’s system to make changes to the treatment plans.

At Phoenix Med Lab, our laboratory experts have developed specialized polypharmacy screening tests to analyze what is going into the patient’s body.

Our polypharmacy screening services help physicians get hold of objective evidence of patient’s compliance and see if a drug can adversely impact health by interacting with other substances already present in the body.

Minimize adverse reactions, reduce chances of misuse and eliminate the need for unnecessary prescriptions without impacting treatment goals.

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Our specialized panel tests cover 121 different substances, including common medications, OTC drugs, illicit drugs and herbal supplements.

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